The Self-Publishing 101 Mini Bundle by Alexa Bigwarfe, author, author coach, and publisher, goes beyond the questions of "how do I publish on Amazon?" and digs into other areas designed to help you understand the key elements of publishing your book in the most professional way possible, so no one looks at it and says, "This book is obviously self-published!" Alexa provides all the tools you need to save you time and lots of money trying to figure out the elements on your own. Additionally, you receive courses that to teach you how to grow your author platform and creating the community you need to have a successful book launch. This bundle includes short courses such as "Goodreads for Authors", "How to Pitch Podcasts for Authors", "Mindset for Writers", and "Basic Marketing for Authors".

In this mini-bundle, you will learn how to

  • How to Go from Idea to Outline in Just an Hour
  • All the tools, elements, and concepts you need to know and understand to professionally self-publish a book
  • Create and leverage a community that will help you launch your book to help you grow your author platform
  • Pitch yourself to podcasts for promo appearances
  • Leverage GoodReads
  • and more!