Geared towards coaches, professionals, and business personnel. You are going to write your book in 30 days.

Why do you need a book? If you’re a coach or business owner, publishing a book can do wonders for your business. It can:

  • Brand your business
  • Boost your credibility and authority
  • Provide value to your audience
  • Increase profits
  • Broaden your reach
  • And much more!

Your book can also serve as material for future content, including social media posts, blog content, articles, and emails. If you’ve ever thought about writing a book, the best way to approach it is the same way you’d approach any business building initiative. You’d set a goal, create a plan, build a team and get to work.

About the instructor

Author Coach and Publisher

Alexa Bigwarfe

Alexa Bigwarfe is a USA Today best-selling author and the founder and CEO of Write|Publish|Sell, a company dedicated to helping authors professionally self-publish and market their books. Her courses and training focus on outlining and writing books, self-publishing, author platform growth, and creative ways to market books through her company Write|Publish|Sell. She is also the founder and host of the Women in Publishing Summit and owns two hybrid publishing houses, Kat Biggie Press and Purple Butterfly Press.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and Introduction!

    • Welcome!

    • Why Write a Book as a Coach, Consultant, or Entrepreneur?

    • How to Write a Book When You Have NO Time

  • 2

    How to Write a Book in 30-90 Days Days

    • The Process

    • How do I know what to write?

    • How to Write Your Book in 30 Days Ebook

    • BONUS: Ditch the Fear & Just Write It!

    • Step One: Identify Your Topic

    • Action Step: Identify the TYPE of book you are writing

    • Step Two: Plan & Outline Your Book

    • Action Step: Create Your Outline

    • Step Three: Create the Book

    • Action Step: Write the Book!

    • Step Four: You’re Not Done Yet

    • Action Step: The Plan for After the Writing

  • 3

    7 Essentials for Writing a Powerful Book

    • The Writing

    • Worksheet Three: The Writing

    • BONUS: Honing Your Writing Skills

  • 4

    Writing a How-To Book

    • Worksheet Eight: How to Write a “How to” Book

  • 5

    Writing an Interview Style Book

    • How to Write an Interview Style Kindle Book

  • 6

    Writing an "All About" Book

    • Writing “All About” and “What You Need to Know” Books

  • 7

    Finalizing and Preparing for Publication

    • Your Title

    • Creating a Winning Title and Cover

    • KDP Account

    • Formatting

    • Your Kindle eBook Structure for Publishing

    • 2 - Your Kindle eBook Structure

  • 8

    Self-Publishing 101

    • Check out Self-Publishing 101 - the Mechanics - Overview

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