The Write | Publish | Sell Self-Publishing Academy (SPA) is designed to help you:

  • Reduce the OVERWHELM
  • Give you GUIDANCE and a PLAN
  • LEARN from my years of experience in self-publishing

SPA is for YOU if:

  • you're committed to your book project but you just need an ACTION PLAN
  • you feel overwhelmed by the publishing and marketing process and just want everything to be SIMPLIFIED
  • you want to save thousands of hours in research by going directly to the source
  • you desire CLARITY, ACCOUNTABILITY  and STRUCTURE for getting your book done
  • you've already started outlining, writing or even editing your book!
  • you want to learn how to MARKET your own books and sell a lot of copies, or grow your business
  • you want SAVE money and still end up with a quality product
  • you need help but don't have thousands of dollars to pay someone to do it for you
  • you value community and accountability to support you in your writing and publishing journey

What Do You Get When You Join SPA?

  • My GUARANTEE that you WILL publish your book (I have a 95% publishing success rate with students)
  • The knowledge that I have spent SIX years and THOUSANDS of dollars in training, programs, and more learning - shared with you!
  • Monthly Modules broken down into weekly content of focus; each month focuses on 1-2 of the 7 stages of publishing
  • Access to my rolodex of experts and freelancers; people already vetted so you don't waste time trying to find the right people
  • at least one action session to implement monthly focus (per month)
  • weekly office hours/ask ME anything/coworking sessions
  • BONUS CONTENT: Trainings on Mindset, Outlining and Successful Kindle Launches, special resources for children's book authors,  AND 15% discount on WPS services,  publishing packages and 1:1 coaching (excluding WPS courses)
  • Pay in full or over six months

The Month by Month

April: Understanding the 7 Stages of Publishing

May:  Editing/Endorsements/Final preps before book production

June: Publishing and Production

July: Marketing and PR

August: Distribution and  Rights, + Marketing Continues

September: Making money from your book and developing your business strategy

About the instructor

Author Coach and Publisher

Alexa Bigwarfe

Alexa Bigwarfe is a USA Today best-selling author and the founder and CEO of Write|Publish|Sell, a company dedicated to helping authors professionally self-publish and market their books. Her courses and training focus on outlining and writing books, self-publishing, author platform growth, and creative ways to market books through her company Write|Publish|Sell. She is also the founder and host of the Women in Publishing Summit and owns two hybrid publishing houses, Kat Biggie Press and Purple Butterfly Press.

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Module One: Understanding the Seven Stages of Publishing

  • 3

    Module 2: More on WRITING + Understanding Your Publishing Options and Timelines

    • Week 2: Deep Dive into WRITING + Publishing Options

    • Stage 1: Writing - Practicing and Honing Your Craft

    • BONUS MODULE - Writing How-Tos, Interview Style, and "All About" Books

  • 4

    Module 3: Understanding and Establishing the Publishing Timeline (month 1)

    • Week 3 - The Publishing Timeline

    • Determining Your Publishing TImeline - how long will it take to write my book?

    • The Publishing Timeline

    • Launch Date Timeline Chart

  • 5

    Month 1: Module 4 - When to Start Marketing

    • Week 4 - When to Start Marketing

    • VIDEO: Advanced Readers and the Launch Team - Early Marketing Activities

    • How to use a launch team - presentation

  • 6

    Month 2: All about Editing

    • Month 2: Module 5 - Working with Editors

    • Working with Editors - Stacey Aaronson

    • Advanced Readers and Beta Readers

  • 7

    Month 2 Module 6: Self-Editing and Tools for Editing

    • Self-Editing; Module 6

    • Videos - Using ProWritingAid - a self-editing tool

  • 8

    Month 2: Week 3: Module 7 Marketing / The Facebook Pixel

    • Using the Facebook Pixel to Help Grow Your Audience

    • Video Tutorial: The Facebook Pixel and How To Add It To Your Website

  • 9

    Month 2: Week 4: Module 8 - Beta Readers, Advanced Readers, and Endorsements

    • Beta Readers vs. Advanced Readers

    • How do you find endorsers?

    • What do you send them? Sample email and endorsements

  • 10

    Publishing and Production

    • Month 3: Week 1 - What elements are needed for producing your book?

    • Month 3: Week 2 Other key pieces of your book - PCN, LCCN, Copyright...

    • Month 3: Week 3 Complying with Industry Standards for the preparation of your book

    • Month 3: Week 4: Marketing Module: Video - 5 Things You're Missing in Your Book Launch Strategy

  • 11

    Month 4: Marketing and PR

    • Author branding and marketing profile

    • Month 4: Week 2 - How to get publicity as an author

    • Publicity for your book Christina Nicholson the Media Maven

  • 12

    Month 5: Distribution and Rights, + Marketing Continues

    • where to publish

    • {VIDEO} Where to publish your book...

    • Bonus: Understanding GDPR and how it impacts you with lawyer Emily D. Baker

  • 13

    Making money from your book and developing your business strategy

    • Developing Your Business Strategy

Are you ready to reduce your overwhelm, take control of your book project, receive guidance and make a plan to launch a successful book? 

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