Book launch in a box. All the tools and resources you need to plan for and execute an amazing book launch.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Welcome to Book Launch in a Box! The Basics

    • Copyright & Proprietary Information Reminder.

  • 2

    Pre-Work for Book Launch in a Box

    • Welcome!

    • Planning: Where to start

    • Ditch the Fear & Just Market It!

    • Thinking about Goals - an essential building block

    • Creating our first set of goals

    • Identifying Your Ideal Target Readers

    • Finding the ideal reader

    • ASSESSMENT: Where I am at the beginning of Book Launch in a Box

    • Congratulations!

  • 3


    • Module 1 Overview

    • Your marketing and book launch strategy

    • Week 1 - Creating Your Base of Operations

    • What is a lead magnet or optin incentive

    • Landing pages - one of the best ways for you to market your book

    • Book Landing Page Checklist

    • Landing pages and lead magnets help you build your reader base to sell more books

    • Writing the Email Sequence

    • Sample "regular email" to your newsletter (not advance readers)

    • Q&A With Nancy 10/6

    • Update your stats tracker!

  • 4


    • Module 2 Overview - the next part of the launch strategy - more audience building!

    • Considerations for those Relaunching a book or launching a 2nd, 3rd, or later book

    • Tools to grow your list -

    • How to Use BookFunnel to Grow Your Email List - BookFunnel

    • How to optimize the emails collected through BookFunnel

    • Social media tools - Facebook

    • Introduction to Facebook for Authors

    • Getting Insights on Facebook

    • Using a Scheduling tool to post to Facebook

    • Tools for scheduling IG posts - part 1 - Tailwind

    • Tools for scheduling part 2 - Later

    • Update your stats tracker!

    • Q&A with Sarah - BookFunnel, Facebook, Email/Newsletter Content 10/14/21

  • 5


    • Module 3 Overview

    • Using Instagram for Your Book Launches

    • Instagram for Newbies - how to post if you've never done it before!

    • IG Professional Account

    • Want more IG?

    • Q&A with Raewyn

    • Update your stats tracker!

  • 6


    • BLAB Module 4 overview

    • VIDEO: Advance Readers and the Launch Team - Early Marketing Activities

    • Using Launch Teams - Launch Team in Action!

    • How to use a launch team - presentation

    • A Brief Overview of the ARC Process and Finding Reviewers

    • Guide to Contacting Book Reviewers

    • Sample Book Reviewer Tracking Spreadsheet

    • More traditional places to find reviewers - book review sites

  • 7

    MODULE 5: MARKETING & LAUNCH STRATEGY - Bringing it all together

    • Module 5 Overview

    • Getting In Front of Your Target Audience

    • Types of marketing for authors

    • How do I create a plan & what goes in it?

    • Creating Your Overall Marketing Strategy

  • 8

    Special Bonuses!

    • TikTok for Authors with Cayce LaCorte

    • {Video Replay} Q&A with Author Katelyn Mabry

    • Little Black Book of Resources - Freelancers, Companies, and Experts to Use

    • BONUS: Trello Board: Book Marketing Resources

    • BONUS: Hashtags for Authors {Excel}

    • BONUS: Google Keyword Planner

    • Bonus: Leveraging Promo Sites for A Successful Launch

    • Bonus: Metadata Tracker

    • Bonus: Sarah S. "Mock" Book Launch

    • Bonus: Book Launch In A Box Keypoints

  • 9

    Bonus: MailerLite Training

    • First Things First: Setting Up Your MailerLite Account

    • MailerLite Basics

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About the instructor

Author Coach and Publisher

Alexa Bigwarfe

Alexa Bigwarfe is a USA Today best-selling author and the founder and CEO of Write|Publish|Sell, a company dedicated to helping authors professionally self-publish and market their books. Her courses and training focus on outlining and writing books, self-publishing, author platform growth, and creative ways to market books through her company Write|Publish|Sell. She is also the founder and host of the Women in Publishing Summit and owns two hybrid publishing houses, Kat Biggie Press and Purple Butterfly Press.