Book launch in a box. All the tools and resources you need to plan for and execute an amazing book launch.

In this jam-packed 4 module training, you'll receive training on how to create your marketing and pre-launch strategy, how to define your target audience and ways to get in front of them, Instagram tactics, training on finding reviewers and advanced readers, resources for using social media for your book marketing and launch, as well as information on what should be on your website. Former students were blown away with the amount of content and information provided. 

Includes 15+ hours of Q&A and mini coaching sessions. Upgrade opportunity for live coaching & Q&A.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Welcome to Book Launch in a Box!


    • Copyright & Proprietary Information Reminder.

  • 2

    Pre-Work Book Marketing Plan

    • Pre-work: What you need for Launch

    • Goal Setting

    • Marketing Your Book - the overview of Author Brand, Target Audience, & How You Start + Your Marketing Profile Worksheet

    • Types of marketing for authors

    • How do I create a plan & what goes in it?

    • Defining your Target Audience

    • How to Get In Front of Your Target Audience

  • 3


    • Creating Your Overall Marketing Strategy

    • Ditch the Fear & Just Market It!

    • {VIDEO} How to use the Sample Marketing Strategies and Plans

    • Sample A Marketing Strategy Plan

    • Sample B Marketing Strategy

    • Week 1 Q&A

  • 4


    • Let's Talk About Instagram! Your general overview!

    • Instagram for Newbies - how to post if you've never done it before!

    • Maximizing the Instagram Algorithm without spending ALL your time on IG!

    • Finding Hashtags

    • Tools for scheduling IG posts - part 1 - Tailwind

    • Tools for scheduling part 2 - Later

    • Managing your strategy on Trello + 2 Trello templates

    • Need more Instagram support?

  • 5


    • Finding Reviewers and managing the Advanced Reader Process

    • Using Launch Teams - Swipe Copy

    • VIDEO: Advanced Readers and the Launch Team - Early Marketing Activities

  • 6


    • Need more 1:1 Support?

    • Hot Seat 10_6 Colleen

    • Hot seat 10_6 _ Selina

    • Hot seat 10_6 #2 Emily Pierite

    • Hot Seat 10_6 #3 Jennifer

    • Hot Seat 10_13 - AnnMarie Boyle - contemporary romance

    • Hot Seat 10_13 Linda J. - memoir - and what a fun life story!

    • Hot seat 10_13 Elizabeth S. - Parenting book- special needs children

    • Hot seat _ 10_13_2020 - Tori part 1 with the surprise ending!

    • Tori's Hotseat , Part 2 10_13_20

    • Julie M's hotseat 10_13_20

    • Sarah S's Hotseat 10_13_20

    • Hot Seat - Lucie Daze

    • Liz O. Hotseat

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About the instructor

Author Coach and Publisher

Alexa Bigwarfe

Alexa Bigwarfe is a coach to writers, self-published author, blogger, and freelance writer. Alexa's micro publishing company, Kat Biggie Press, has edited, designed, and published 7 of her own books and several books by other authors. In addition to her self-published works, Alexa has has been published in four anthologies; The Mother of All Meltdowns, The HerStories Project, The Clash of the Couples,and Mothering Through the Darkness. Alexa knows what it takes to build a writing career in the middle of real life as she built hers amid screaming children, dirty dishes and piles of laundry. As a freelance writer, she has had more than 30 articles published in regional parenting magazines throughout the U.S. and Canada. She is passionate about helping writers build sustainable businesses with the strokes of their keyboard. She provides self-publishing, course, and author and freelance writer support at Write|Publish|Sell.