Blogging for Authors

Blogging 101 for Authors

Tools and resources to help you with the very basics of starting a blog to build your author platform

You want to write and sell books. You understand the value of having a website to promote & grow your author platform & you've been told a blog is a great place to share more writing, share your book, and bring new readers to find you.

But starting one makes you panic. 

What is blogging? What do I even write about? 

How can I use my blog to sell more books?

How often do I need to blog?

What do I need on my website to help me sell and promote my books?

This is the biggest question people get caught up on - how do I figure out what to write and how to get it in front of the right people? 

Answering this question is the primary focus of this course.

Other common questions include:

How do I build a website? What tools do I need? Where do I even start?

Don't worry, I can help. 

This course gives you the basics of starting a blog (including instructions on setting up your website and picking a domain if you haven't done that part yet). 

However, the CREATION of a website is not the focus of the course. It's the things that happen next. So, if you already have a website, THIS COURSE IS STILL FOR YOU.

The most important part of blogging to build your audience and gain more book sales is creating content that entices people to come to your site. So the main focus of this program is determining WHAT you should be writing about and HOW to make sure it's set up to bring people to your website; HOW to promote it and the other HOW; how to make sure you book is easy to find on your site and promoted. We'll work on making sure you have the pieces in place to either get people on your email list, follow you on social, or click over to buy your book.

Do you fall into one of these groups?

  1. No idea how to start a blog, why you should be blogging?, what the heck is a blog?
  2. Have a website and a blog, but not sure what to blog about?
  3. You’ve got a blog that you keep up regularly, but you’re not sure how to use your blog to sell some books?

Blogging 101 for Authors is all about blogging, why authors need to blog and how to write blog posts that sell books. This course is brought to you by my years of blogging experience. Long before I ever wrote a book, I was writing blog posts and lots of them. Currently, I am a blogger for Columbia Mom, part of the City Moms Collective, and of course, I blog regularly at

Here are some of the lessons you’ll get when you sign up for the course:

  1. How to Start a Blog - what blogging platform to use, how to get a domain name, all that good stuff! (to include Video tutorials on search engine optimization tools, customizing your Wordpress theme, and more. Most of our tech tutorials are based on wordpress, but don't worry if you use a different website, as the tech stuff is bonus material.)
  2. Setting your website up for success - SEO & plugins or other tools to ensure you can grow your platform or get more book sales.
  3. Determining what content to write about and content strategy.
  4. How to create Conrnerstone content that will help you convert book sales.
  5. The Basics of Writing and Publishing a Blog Post to include finding good images, etc.
  6. Basic marketing of your posts and content.
  7. The Power of Collaboration

Also included in this course as a special bonus:

  • Sample blog posts
  • Ideas for blog posts
  • Basic SEO (search engine optimization) to help people find your blog posts
  • Connecting an email CRM so that you can build an email list
  • Basic ideas for building an email list
  • How to add images
  • Connecting social media
  • Plugins and other resources to help manage your blog
  • Other bonuses!

Our goal is to provide you the tools to feel comfortable blogging and creating content that will bring new readers to your website, ensuring you are set up for success once they arrive.


THE PRICE WILL GO UP TO $97 ON NOVEMBER 2, 2019 and the regular price of $197 on November 11, 2019.

The first lesson will be released on Monday, November 4th and content will be released each week.

What's included? (There are lots of videos, they are just embedded, not uploaded, so they don't get listed here!))

50 Texts
2 PDFs

Course Curriculum

The Alexa - webkit for Authors
Alexa Bigwarfe
Alexa Bigwarfe
Author Coach and Publisher

About the instructor

Alexa Bigwarfe is a coach to writers, self-published author, blogger, and freelance writer. Alexa's micro publishing company, Kat Biggie Press, has edited, designed, and published 7 of her own books and several books by other authors. In addition to her self-published works, Alexa has has been published in four anthologies; The Mother of All Meltdowns, The HerStories Project, The Clash of the Couples,and Mothering Through the Darkness. Alexa knows what it takes to build a writing career in the middle of real life as she built hers amid screaming children, dirty dishes and piles of laundry. As a freelance writer, she has had more than 30 articles published in regional parenting magazines throughout the U.S. and Canada. She is passionate about helping writers build sustainable businesses with the strokes of their keyboard. She provides self-publishing, course, and author and freelance writer support at Write|Publish|Sell.