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But... it takes a lot of hard work and and consistent effort to get there...

Are you overwhelmed with #allthethings related to writing, publishing, and selling a book?

Introducing the WIP School. The very intentional program to help authors through step-by-step coaching and implementation support so that you can truly earn a living as an author.

Sometimes you just need someone to TELL YOU EXACTLY WHAT TO DO and HOW to do it!

Most authors who come to me are struggling with the following issues:

  • Overwhelmed by #allthethings!

  • Lack of time

  • No  clear plan

  • Confusion over the different routes to publishing

  • Marketing process overload

  • No idea how to find their audience

  • Low sales

  • Don’t know how to find the people to support them in the various areas; no team

  • No results even when they follow someone’s script

  • Limited budget; don’t know where to prioritize

  • Mindset issues and FEAR are holding them back

  • Unrealistic expectations

  • Uncertainty on where to start or how to move forward

So that’s why I created the WIP School

To provide the foundation for everything you need to know, the tools for implementation, and the SUPPORT so that you actually get it done.

Have you ever joined a program that just SUCKED? Well, I have. Many of them. And I can assure you, this is NOT that program. Because I've taken ALL the things that I thought were lacking in other programs for authors and made sure to include them here.

The WIP School is basically your equivalent to a BA in author entrepreneurship!

Dyanne says: 

“With the help of Alexa and her team my book launch hit the mark, and boom, I had an Amazon new releases best-seller. Without a doubt this never would have happened had I not signed up for the Success Publishing Academy, now the Women In Publishing School. Honestly, I just didn't know what I didn't know. With expert knowledge, Alexa and her team map out the steps to success and guide you from writing your manuscript to publishing to launching your book. I couldn't wait each month for the open-ended Q&A sessions. Every question answered. No question too silly to ask. Alexa partners with other experts as well adding bonus trainings and opportunities along the way. She adds trainings if she sees the need. Her dedication to the success of her students is amazing. It's a group setting; however, I always felt like I was receiving personal, one-one one coaching. Thank you Alexa and team!!!” - 

Dyanne Kelley, author of Soulfire Woman: How To Torch the Past, Ignite the Present and Set Your Soul on Fire

When you complete the school, you'll have accomplished:

It's a LOT to figure out... 

By the end of this course you will:

  • Know exactly who your audience is for your book and how to get in front of them
  • Have a good understanding of all of the key elements for having a professionally self-published book and how to make those things happen
  • Have knowledge of the places you should be publishing your book
  • A marketing strategy - both for everyday marketing and book launch
  • Have a Rolodex of places to go for professional support in the preparation and publication of your book
  • Have a functioning website with a lead magnet and a way to grow your email list
  • Have an email sequence to grow the know/like/trust factor
  • Have your social media set up and a plan for growth where it makes most sense
  • Have a strategy for ads - which tool to use and what to do with them (to include a module on free book funnels)
  • Basic business awareness for authors - legal, tax considerations and more

Isn't it frustrating when you are working so hard to make a difference and you're so overwhelmed by all the things you're "supposed" to be doing... you just don't know what to prioritize?

You need a structured plan... a support network, and a team that knows how to get it done, no BS.

Anyone can teach you how to get an ISBN and load your book to Amazon. 

No one else is teaching you how to tackle the everyday, normal human problems of moving your author career forward … all in a strategic and specific order to lead to success.

No one else is bringing in their team to help answer questions, get your tech issues solved, and move you forward.

This course is for anyone who is writing, publishing, or marketing a book, who is looking to be a full-time author entrepreneur and wants to be well-established in their business so that they don't make expensive and timely mistakes.

This course is BEST SUITED to the person who is planning on publishing multiple books, so that you can make this investment ONCE and save yourself time and money in the future.

This includes those who have already launched and are not seeing the sales they wanted or the business growth.

It is also a GREAT program for small publishers or those who desire to publish other authors under their imprint or other industry professionals who want to be able to provide more information and guidance to their clients.

This program is NOT for the person who is not able to make the time and financial investment or just wants someone else to do all the work for them. If you'd like to hire my team for a done FOR you publishing project, email us at

Are you ready to learn all you need to know about:

  • publishing professionally

  • launching your book to a ready and eager audience

  • building an author business

And want a program that achieves this through:

  • implementation

  • step-by-step guidance

  • coaching

  • accountability

  • community

  • feedback

And you identify as:

  • An author at any stage of writing, publishing, and selling who is looking to grow their author / publishing business 

  • Self-published/ing

  • Limited in time; stressed, managing a lot of things

  • Overwhelmed with all of the options, info, things you don’t even know you don’t know

  • Lacking in marketing and sales skills

  • Need support in strategy & business development

  • Tired of trying everything all the experts tell you to do and NOT seeing any traction or results?

WIP SCHOOL is the solution.

That covers a lot of ground and a lot of people in different places… How can this program work for all those areas?

This program, in its 5th year, continues to improve and evolve every year, based on a comprehensive system that works.

It works because while you have access to all the learning you need on writing and publishing, our core focus of this program is:

  •  FINDING your readers (target audience)
  • creating the place for them to become your raving fans (your platform) 
  • developing the right marketing processes
  • business steps to expand and sell (author biz development).

Quite honestly, anyone can teach you how to get your book on Amazon. But it won’t get your book into the hands of your ideal readers and create a platform for you to connect them with your work. That’s the difference between my program and what’s already out there.

The magic sauce is in the implementation. 

You’re a Work in Progress (WIP) just like your book is! There is much to learn about running a successful business and selling more books, courses, coaching, etc.

Lots of people teach that. 

The difference in WIP School is the IMPLEMENTATION. We build in the tools and resources (a ready made website template for you to upload that is designed JUST for authors) + time to implement together! Plus, for those that come in at the VIP level, feedback and support in making sure the implementation is done correctly.

This isn’t just a fancy pitch.

We know that the authors who are willing to make the time to move through these steps and take these actions actually complete and launch their books, have a more successful launch, bigger email lists, and see more sales.

WIP School is for YOU if:

  • you struggle with implementation of all the amazing things you're learning
  • you're committed to your book project but you need an ACTION PLAN
  • You need guidance on brand development and all things that go along with that...
  • you feel overwhelmed by the publishing and marketing process and just want everything to be SIMPLIFIED
  • you need EXTRA support when it comes to techy stuff - websites, email CRMs, marketing tools, ads, etc
  • you want to save thousands of hours in research by going directly to the source
  • you desire CLARITY, ACCOUNTABILITY and STRUCTURE for getting your book done
  • you've already started outlining, writing or even editing your book! (not a pre-requisite, we'll get you there with pre-work!)
  • you want to learn how to MARKET your own books and sell a lot of copies, or grow your business
  • you want to SAVE money and still end up with a quality product
  • you need help but don't have thousands of dollars to pay someone to do it for you
  • you value community and accountability to support you in your writing and publishing journey

What Do You Get When You Join WIP School?

👉🏼 Monthly video training modules - 2-3 each month x 6 months where I’ll cover everything from establishing your foundation with the correct target audience, finishing your book and finding an editor, how to publish, to book launch, marketing, and more (see the breakdown of the modules below)

👉🏼Guest experts each month! On Mindset, Pitch the Media, PR, Business Building Skills, More Marketing, Understanding different types of publishing and working with agents, and more!

👉🏼 Book Marketing Interview Series - You'll learn the secrets of other authors who are killing it in their book marketing sales & what they are doing

👉🏼 The Book Marketing Strategy Framework and live training - we’ll be creating and implementing your customized launch strategy based on your specific genre and type of book

👉🏼 Book Launch Trello board - IG strategies, social media tools, project management checklists, all laid out for you.

👉🏼150+ step publishing (from start to finish) checklist - every possible thing you need to do to make sure you’ve covered it all

👉🏼Influencer marketing strategy - how to explode your own efforts through partnerships and other influencers

👉🏼Worksheets, workbooks, and exercises to make sure you are implementing the teaching

And more. I’m providing the complete system. Everything I’ve learned in a decade of publishing and over 100 launches. 


For this Launch ONLY - access to the brand new Readers on Demand Workshop!


(VIP Only bonuses include reviews and personalized feedback through each step of the process and bonus 1:1 calls.) 

- 1 x 30-min call with Alexa Bigwarfe and each member of her team (website tech, social media, and Instagram support)

- VIP members receive one call EACH MONTH with Alexa, Nancy, and Raewyn

- The Readers on Demand Signature Program! ($5200 value - offered as a bonus ONLY on this launch, since this is a new program to me and we are beta testing) 

This program will be the piece that ensures you have a ready supply of eager readers by the time you launch or re-launch your book. It includes an already created basic website layout for you to load, email sequence, automation sequences, how to set up Facebook ads to run to this.

- Editing & Editors Module

- Timeline and checklists

What is your timeline for marketing & what actions should you be taken in what order? Includes pre-formatted spreadsheet with sample activities and timeline leading into launch or promo period.

- Your Book Marketing Profile - Workbook 

A downloadable workbook to help you identify all key elements about your book, your goals, and information that will be necessary to create your marketing strategy.

- Sample Marketing Strategies 

Two sample strategies with plug and play guidelines - ideas and resources, to include links and more to help you put together your marketing strategy. Plus instruction on what sort of things should go in a Marketing Strategy to help you create your own based on the samples. These samples are loaded with actual book marketing activities that you may want to include in your strategy, saving you even more time and money.

- The Book Sales / Landing Page 

- The Virtual Assistant Playbook

What is a virtual assistant, how do you find one, and what are the best tasks to hand over to them to do on your behalf, saving you time and money!

- Suggested Partners for Helping You Market & Brand

List and contact info of professionals who are vetted and trustworthy to help you create graphics, update your book cover, etc. This will save you the time & energy of looking for people to outsource to, and protect you from getting taken advantage of.

- Tools You Need to Market Your Book 

Trello board with places and spaces that are good resources for authors, saving you the time of tracking it down on your own.

- Hashtags for Authors

Full Excel document with researched and utilized hashtags for Instagram & other social media, used by authors of different genres.

- Instagram for Authors - training module


  • My GUARANTEE that if you follow through with this program, you WILL publish your book (I have a 100% publishing success rate with students who complete the full program)
  • The knowledge that I have spent years and THOUSANDS of dollars in training, programs, and more learning - shared with you!
  • Monthly Modules broken down into weekly content of focus; each month focuses on 1-2 of the 7 stages of publishing
  • Access to my Rolodex of experts and freelancers; people already vetted so you don't waste time trying to find the right people
  • at least one "action" session to implement monthly focus (per month)
  • additional monthly office hours/ask ME anything/coworking sessions (1 implementation session and 1 coaching session per month for 2 monthly get-togethers)
  • BONUS CONTENT: Guest experts!
  • Readers on Demand Workshop (for VIP Level only)

The Month by Month - Our aggressive agenda!

In addition to the training provided within each module, in the standard and VIP access, we’ll have a monthly live training event, accountability check-ins, Q&A sessions, hotseats (we’ll workshop a specific person in the program and provide feedback/advice to move forward), and consulting calls with me (Alexa Bigwarfe) and my team - experts in social media strategy, ads, tech stuff (website and email CRMs), book launches and book marketing, and admin support. You’ll be able to book one 1:1 call with each team member to get answers to your most pressing issues. These are not included in DIY.

April: Identifying your target audience. Without this baseline of understanding, none of the rest matters. Also: Understanding the 7 Stages of Publishing + Creating Your Timeline, Your BUDGET, Goals, & Deliverables + MINDSET! (special guest expert: Carissa Magrass). We’ll discuss what you need to plan for financially and different ways you may find funding for these.

May:  Marketing & Author Business Set Up - How to get in front of your target audience & what you need to do that; identifying your audience, finding the right keywords, categories, etc. developing your business strategy; timelines (special guest coach: Dr. Kasie Whitener, business coach)

June: Growing the platform - author branding; website, email list, and ads. What to do with all of these things to start growing your platform BEFORE you launch / relaunch;  (special guest expert: Socially Nina on branding and content creation). We’ll also dig into influencer marketing - what it is, how to use it to grow your audience and make more money.

July: Marketing & PR; creating your marketing strategy. Copy that converts! Your book description, sales page (special guest experts: Roshanda Pratt & Kristi Dosh)

August: Publishing and Production - all the things you need to know to professionally publish your book; editing, layout, covers, where to publish it and how. Keywords, copyright, Distribution and  Rights, Your path to publishing - everything you need; plus, how to find and work with an agent, different paths to publishing, difference between self-publishing, hybrid, traditional.  (Special guest experts: Annalisa Parent, Maria Dismondy)

September: Growing your author business; Making money from your book and other associated streams of revenue; book funnels; positioning, AMS ads, etc. (Guest expert TBD)

October - December: Wrap up / continued support in community to ask questions / Retreat 


What is the difference between standard access and VIP access?

The standard access is $2997 or 6 monthly payment of $525 and includes all content, one weekly Q&A session, one monthly training and implementation system, 1 call with Alexa and each of her team members for implementation support, and the guest expert workshops, and all bonuses that aren't listed as VIP only.

The VIP access is $4997 or 6 monthly payments of $850 and includes everything in the standard package, plus personalized feedback on each stage of the process / deliverables + a 1:1 call with Alexa and her team each month for implementation and support. The VIP package is for those who need a little more personal engagement.

Is this only for Self-publishing authors?
NO. Anyone who needs to learn how to market their book and grow a business as an author will find this useful.

Do I have to have my book written to join?
Nope. These are the tools you need to grow your platform, ensure a well-produced book, and have a solid author business, but your book does not have to be finished. We'll provide writing accountability if you need it.

I’ve already purchased training programs on writing, publishing, or selling my book and they haven’t worked.

Oooh, I love this statement! So have I! Programs don’t work for a variety of reasons. 

  1. It requires YOU to go in and make the time to watch the training and then do the work all on your own. Through this program, you’re getting a plan and guide to get you through

  2. The training isn’t designed to set you up for success

  3. It was an impulse buy and you grabbed it and forgot about it

  1. You’ve never made completing the program a priority in your schedule  

  2. You’re still expecting the magic unicorn to bring you success

And finally… 

  1. There is no accountability or support system in a self-paced program***

That last one? It’s a big one for moms and caregivers and busy women in general! We put everyone else first and then when it’s time to work on our stuff, we’re too tired.

I have spent money on swipe copy and templates and things still don’t work.

Swipe copy, templates, etc can be really powerful tools - if you understand the bigger strategy behind them and the “what next?” I’m going to give you swipe copy and templates too… for your email sequence, your blog and your social media. But the difference is, I’m going to show you how to use it and take the next step.  Maybe you’ve got great Facebook ads set up - but where do you send them and what do you do once they sign up on your email list and have completed that amazing sequence?

It’s the WHAT NEXT?? It’s the accountability, the exact steps and HOW to take them, the timelines, the strategies, and HOW to implement that you need.

That’s what we provide. Accountability, how to, guidance, support, and the tools to get it all done.

A template is based off the creator’s story. You have to learn how to make your own story shine through. 

Can I do this at my own pace?
Yes! The coaching program goes at the pace of the modules, but if you need to take longer at any point, take your time. I will open the course materials in April and you can move ahead of the group if you need. But I'm certain you'll learn a thing or two in all the modules.

Is this only for someone who has never published a book?
NO! The publishing world grows and changes at a rapid rate. There is a ridiculous amount of information to KNOW to do this right. Heck, I'm still learning this stuff. Whether you haven't started your book or you've already published 1-2, if you're still trying to learn the things we are teaching, this will be a great fit for you. Plus, the additional coaching element allows me to tailor what students need to where they are in the process.

What other students have to say

Former Student, Michelle Cornish, reviews the program.

Other testimonials:

Carolyn Schrader:

"There is so much I can write about doing business with Alexa and her courses. One thing I find about Alexa is she is No BS…. She gives straight-up information, has been there done that, is well educated and experienced in the publishing process and walks her talk. 

My name is Carolyn Schrader, I am writing this in hopes that I can help those who want to have a chance to become a published Author and save a lot of time and frustration in learning how to do that. I published my book the hard and costly way because I did not know how to maneuver the publishing world. I was taken advantage of many times only to add to my frustrations. It is not in my wheelhouse nor do I have the time to learn the ins and outs of getting a book published and marketed. I need to be given what I call the “1,2,3’s of what to do
and how to do it so I can move forward to success. 

However, for my third book, I have found a Publishing Expert and team of magical expert entrepreneurs (Alexa and team!) who are experienced, knowledgeable and understanding of the frustrations of those who want to write but need a
guide by guide of how to be successful at every aspect of being a Published Author.

I am so busy with my business, trying to get another book out, writing my blogs in a timely fashion and giving adequate time to my family and friends, I need a team to help me. Alexa’s courses are thorough, easy to understand, and she delivers with an absolute, no-nonsense platform. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have found her. The investment in her courses and summit will bring immediate dividends for a career as an Author. She and her team are
available for questions and clarification on any course she has given. Investing in Alexa’s courses is definitely an investment in your success as a Published Author."

Marietta Goldman, author and previous student: 

Alexa Bigwarfe
Alexa Bigwarfe
Author Coach and Publisher

About the instructor

Alexa Bigwarfe is a USA Today Best-Selling author, speaker, and publisher. After turning to writing as a healing method in the wake of the death of her infant daughter, Alexa sought to learn every detail about the publishing industry. She began to support others who also wanted to share their story through a book. Alexa is the founder of Write|Publish|Sell, Kat Biggie Press, Purple Butterfly Press, Chrysalis Press, and the Women in Publishing Summit.

Alexa Bigwarfe is a coach to writers, self-published author, blogger, and freelance writer. Alexa knows what it takes to build a writing career in the middle of real-life as she built hers amid screaming children, dirty dishes and piles of laundry. As a freelance writer, she has had more than 30 articles published in regional parenting magazines throughout the U.S. and Canada. She is passionate about helping writers build sustainable businesses with the strokes of their keyboard. She provides self-publishing, course, and author and freelance writer support at Write|Publish|Sell.

She lives in Columbia, SC with her husband, three children, and their sweet dog. Learn more at