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You're on this publishing journey... you thought the writing was hard, and then you started learning about everything else.

AND OMG. It's overwhelming, isn't it? THERE IS SO MUCH TO KNOW! SO MUCH TO DO!

It's a lot of work to be a successful author!

You're now running a business where you are the entire C Suite! Marketing, taxes, accounting, project management, website building... your head is spinning!

What happened to just being able to WRITE???

Enter the Success Publishing Academy. The Success Publishing Academy is a part self-paced / group coaching / mentorship / mastermind program. 

The Write | Publish | Sell Success Publishing Academy (SPA) is designed to help you:

  • Reduce the OVERWHELM
  • Encourage you along the way - give tips, tools, resources and support
  • Give you GUIDANCE and a PLAN
  • LEARN from my years of experience in publishing
  • Get your book completed
  • Grow your Author platform
  • Launch your book successfully
  • Ensure you actually implement all the amazing things you are learning along the way

SPA is for YOU if:

  • you struggle with the implementation of all the amazing things you're learning
  • you're committed to your book project but you need an ACTION PLAN
  • you feel overwhelmed by the publishing and marketing process and just want everything to be SIMPLIFIED
  • you want to save thousands of hours in research by going directly to the source
  • you desire CLARITY, ACCOUNTABILITY  and STRUCTURE for getting your book done
  • you've already started outlining, writing or even editing your book! (not a pre-requisite, we'll get you there with pre-work!)
  • you want to learn how to MARKET your own books and sell a lot of copies, or grow your business
  • you want to SAVE money and still end up with a quality product
  • you need help but don't have thousands of dollars to pay someone to do it for you
  • you value community and accountability to support you in your writing and publishing journey

What Do You Get When You Join SPA?

  • My GUARANTEE that if you follow through with this program, you WILL publish your book (I have a 100% publishing success rate with students who complete the full program)
  • The knowledge that I have spent years and THOUSANDS of dollars in training, programs, and more learning - shared with you!
  • Monthly Modules broken down into weekly content of focus; each month focuses on 1-2 of the 7 stages of publishing
  • Access to my Rolodex of experts and freelancers; people already vetted so you don't waste time trying to find the right people
  • at least one "action" session to implement monthly focus (per month)
  • additional monthly office hours/ask ME anything/coworking sessions (1 implementation session and 1 coaching session per month for 2 monthly get-togethers)
  • BONUS CONTENT: Training on Mindset, Outlining and Successful Kindle Launches, special resources for children's book authors,  AND 15% discount on WPS services,  publishing packages and 1:1 coaching (excluding WPS courses)
  • Pay in full or over six months  


Access to my team! Yes! You'll have access to my Executive Assistant, who helps with landing pages, website tech, email sequence writing, and so on

You'll also get a call with my marketing expert to give you guidance on what and how to do it!

And a call with our Instagram & website guru!



  1. How to find and attract the right readers
  2. How to create an optin/lead magnet to grow your email list
  3. Setting up your email CRM, connecting it to your website, and the email sequence
  4. Facebook ads - how to set up your account and start running ads
  5. Detailed instructions for setting up your website


We're going on a retreat!

Details to follow, but your program includes your ticket to our weekend mastermind in late October/early November 2020. 


Is this only for Self-publishing authors?
NO. Anyone who needs to learn how to market their book and grow a business as an author will find this useful.

Do I have to have my book written to join?
Nope. These are the tools you need to grow your platform, ensure a well-produced book, and have a solid author business, but your book does not have to be finished. We'll provide writing accountability if you need it.

Can I do this at my own pace?
Yes! The coaching program goes at the pace of the modules, but if you need to take longer at any point, take your time. I will open the course materials in April and you can move ahead of the group if you need. But I'm certain you'll learn a thing or two in all the modules.

Is this only for someone who has never published a book?
NO! The publishing world grows and changes at a rapid rate. There is a ridiculous amount of information to KNOW to do this right. Heck, I'm still learning this stuff. Whether you haven't started your book or you've already published 1-2, if you're still trying to learn the things we are teaching, this will be a great fit for you. Plus, the additional coaching element allows me to tailor what students need to where they are in the process.

The Month by Month

You can take a peek at the curriculum below, although this is not a full list. We are constantly updating, adding, and adjusting based on our students' needs and changes in the publishing world.

It is important to note is that these outlined topics serve as the BASELINE. However, each month, we will hit heavily on marketing and developing the author platform and the author business. Because without those things in place, it doesn't matter if you have a good book. You need to be able to sell it. 

The cool thing about this program is that it's both self-paced and group-coached. Through 2 calls each month, you'll receive answers to your questions and guidance to help you implement. Plus you'll be able to go back to the training to review whenever you need it, or you can bypass the parts that you don't think are applicable. If you don't need help with editing, you can skip that and just work on the platform growth and author business elements we're covering that month.

Jan - March - PREWORK! Need help writing? Getting through first draft revisions? Beta Readers?

April: Understanding the 7 Stages of Publishing + Marketing & Author Business

May:  Editing/Endorsements/Final preps before book production + Marketing & Author Business

June: Publishing and Production + Marketing & Author Business

July: Marketing and PR

August: Distribution and  Rights, + Marketing Continues

September: Making money from your book and developing your business strategy

October: Wrap up / prep for RETREAT

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Alexa Bigwarfe
Alexa Bigwarfe
Author Coach and Publisher

About the instructor

Alexa Bigwarfe is a USA Today Best-Selling author, speaker, and publisher. After turning to writing as a healing method in the wake of the death of her infant daughter, Alexa sought to learn every detail about the publishing industry. She began to support others who also wanted to share their story through a book. Alexa is the founder of Write|Publish|Sell, Kat Biggie Press, Purple Butterfly Press, Chrysalis Press, and the Women in Publishing Summit.

Alexa Bigwarfe is a coach to writers, self-published author, blogger, and freelance writer. Alexa knows what it takes to build a writing career in the middle of real-life as she built hers amid screaming children, dirty dishes and piles of laundry. As a freelance writer, she has had more than 30 articles published in regional parenting magazines throughout the U.S. and Canada. She is passionate about helping writers build sustainable businesses with the strokes of their keyboard. She provides self-publishing, course, and author and freelance writer support at Write|Publish|Sell.

She lives in Columbia, SC with her husband, three children, and their sweet dog. Learn more at

What's included?

8 Videos
85 Texts
5 PDFs

Course Curriculum

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