Women in Publishing Summit All Access Pass 2018

Women in Publishing Summit All Access Pass

Welcome to the All Access Pass for the 2018 Women in Publishing Summit! This is an incredible amount of knowledge and resources, packaged up for you.

Course Curriculum

Meet Alexa Bigwarfe - your conference host!
Day 1 - Cindy Mich - from Essays to Film Festivals - All the Things You Can do with Books and Writing
Day 1 - Heather LeRoss - Healing Through A Regular Writing Process
Day 2 - Your path to publishing success!
Day 2 Lucy Hay - Writing Good Genre Fiction and How to Write Screenplays
Day 3 - Joanna Penn - The Importance of Being a "Healthy Writer" + Make Money as a Full-Time Writer Entrepreneur and Sell a Lot of Books
Day 3 - Krista Rizzo – From Blog to Book; Publishing a Book from Content that You’ve Already Written
Day 4 - AK Turner - Making the NY Times BestSeller List
Day 4 - Alinka Rutkowska - Sell 80,000 Copies of Your Book
Day 4 - Rachel Thompson – Winning with Book Marketing; How Indies Most Successfully Market their Books
Day 5 - Anne Rainbow - Using Scrivener to Write Your Book
Day 5 - Orna Ross, The Alliance of Independent Authors – Resources for Indie Writers
Day 5 - Kathy Meis – Understanding Important Book MetaData to Better Market Your Book and Bublish as a Publishing and Marketing Tool